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AUTOIGNITION of III KATEGORIJA started of strong will to radicalize musical expression as well as political motives. While the punk movement was slowly becoming a part of pop culture it found their place in newly emerged and much more radical hardcore scene presenting an ideal way to show their revolt against the conformity in music and in the society as a whole. The lyrics and music were a result of disgust felt for fictional and superficial social values in ex-Yugoslavia.

Although the group kept away from anarchist movements, the members were labelled as offenders because of the rebellion against the existing political system and therefore often questioned and investigated by the repressive officials. In some cases they were found guilty of politically and socially incorrect behavior. 

The anarchy exposed in their songs was only a reflection of the reality they had been living in and had been perceived by them as being hidden behind the scenery they called ‘The Big Lie’.

 Original name of the group was ‘the third class meat‘ suggesting common people were regarded as the lowest quality pieces in a meat industry.  It was the way system treated them. They were the third class citizens, the left-overs of the society, something that was overseen, unneeded and hard to digest.  

Members of the band and their musical expressions were changing spontaneously. But the sound of III. Kategorija remained strongly rooted in hardcore despite of different group members and music genres their music became more dissonant, more metallic. They had always considered themselves as hardcore band because of its political and social commitment.  That is why III. Kategorija is a product of significant zeitgeist of the social movements in Yugoslavia in 1980s before its disintegration and is therefore can’t be revived.

 ‘’This album is dedicated to Kristijan Cavazza and all those songs we were not able to record. Rest in peace"  Dare Tome (2013)

 480 pressed (250 black, LTD 230 splatter red/black) 300 copies with CD. 

Packed in great gate-fold sleeve, printed inner sleeve and insert inclusive comprehensive biography and lyrics in slov./engl. + CD.


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