: nothing at of



Do you remember the classic Proces/Stengte Dorer split EP from 1985?     

Proces side of the split contains 3 songs taken from their fantastic first demo.
If you have not found this EP yet, you should at least have this LP.

Proces was formed in late 1979 in Subotica (ex-Yu) and with Nade Iz Inkubatora (1978) and some
lesser known names doing the first wave of punk bands.

Proces play both fast and raw but melodic, simply fast HC punk with a lot of attitude.

Each song is a new story in which every sentence is like razor blades just cutting and describes life as it is. 

Proces is as frantic, desperate truth-bearer, frightening safe in every word they say!
Maybe because it's easy to love this great band!

The release comes in exclusive gatefold color sleeve and printed inner sleeve ,
with lyrics and lot of pictures.
All songs are remastered!!!!

Available in black and LTD red transparent vinyl 

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