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Kuzle (the Bitches) belongs to the core of second wave of Slovenian punk from the early 80’s.I my opinion they were simply one of the best bands - they had everything a good punk band needs: brilliant courageous rebellious lyrics that melted in good played energetic music. On top of that they had very expressive and explosive visuality and stole the stage every time they played. They really had all they needed to make it. 

Like many other quality bands from ex-Yu (Termiti,Problemi, Mrtvi Kanal…) what made them so good and interesting was what hindered them from getting what they deserved; a record deal. They were seen as too rebellious and inappropriate. But they still made enough of an impression to get their well-deserved cult status. The only vinyl tracks they left were the four songs on the punk compilation "Lepo je .." LP from 1982. Shortly thereafter, the band stopped playing. 

The 23 songs (10 live and 13 studios) that are on this LP are the band's own selections from their archives that I hope can give a good picture of how dangerous KuZLe was. All songs are remastered!!!

Available in black and LTD red transparent vinyl.




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