: nothing at of


Old punks "NII" strikes again! This time with three old songs, for their first EP release. Two of them have never previously been studio recorded and the third is their old hit "Devojka iz predgradja", but a new version that was recorded exclusively for this EP.

NII has always had texts that create images, but this time, their fantasy has gone a little further and I dare to say that the NII has a really bloody anti-hit in the song "Scalper", it's simply impossible to ignore this song! 

It's just amazingly funny and the more I listen to it it the better it sounds and once again NII has won me over with their basic raw punk'n'r!

 LTD 530 copies (280 black, 150 red and 100 clear vinyl) in exclusive gate-fold sleeve with printed inner inc. serb./eng. lyrics.




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