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Svim punkerima puno pozdrava od clanova grupe ”Gole Jaja” iz Pule (greetings to all punkers from the members of the punkband ”GJ” from Pula).

That was the greeting the members of the band GJ themselves wrote in the biggest ex-YU magazine Dzuboks (Jukebox) as early as 1978.

It’s a big honor to represent GOLA JAJA (Naked Bollocks); The band that was long forgotten. I think this band is going to get bigger than ever and they will be placed on the seat they earned a long time ago. Because this band is one of the best part of the history of ex-YU punk!

Gola Jaja comes from, Pula, beautiful city located by the Adriatic coast. But while the town isn’t particularly large, it’s has a large punk scene. GJ was not only an awesome punk band; GJ was an amazing gang and for them, the most important thing, and the reason they started the band, was their friendship.

Everything about the band feels real: their music, their lyrics and their friendship. Their friendship is truly touching and inspiring, I say this now after having gotten the honor to familiarize myself with the bands history and got to learn many details. From a wonderful friendship a great band was born, that in my opinion was something different and a genuine rarity.

GJ with their front man Denis has really played and lived their punk all the way!

Even though GJs biggest inspirations were the bands Sex Pistols and The Clash I can’t stop thinking of bands like Social Distortion, Social Unrest, TSOL and similar american HC bands when listening to their music. I found this a bit odd, but maybe it’s because of the singer, Denis, emotional and genuine way to express himself when singing. Denis, with Mario (the singer from Lublanski Psi) had maybe the emotional voices of everyone from the ex-YU punk scene. With the lyrics that were progressive and brave, dreaming or realistic, GJ turns back time and can make you stop and close your eyes just for a second. But don’t be fooled – GJ plays energetic, real punk and in their music they haven’t left anything for chance. Theirs music is filled with beautiful melodies and powerful refrains that are so perfectly arranged that the whole material feels properly done and meaningful.

For me this is a masterpiece, but not noticeable when they first recorded it, back in ‘84. They play with their own twist and their sound has such convincing authenticity that they couldn’t sound any better, but unfortunately this is something that was too often discovered much later in ex-yu punk .

It feels like I’ve just started writing this text, and I could continue writing about this impressive band for hours, but instead I’m going to let you form your own opinion.

The cover you see is almost the same as it would’ve looked in the 80’s when the band dreamed of releasing an album. 

800 pressed (300 black/ 200 red/200 yellow/ 100 clear). 500 of these contain copies of their record in CD format .

All songs are remastered.

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