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DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI (Defective Effective) - Izdr�i Udarac 7'' (NE014)  

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI (Defective Effective) were my favorites from V/ A “Artisticka Radna Akcija” LP featuring the young forces of Belgrads new wave/punk scene from the early '80s. 

The LP was released by  "Jugoton",  in 1982 and D.E. was presented together with 9 fresh bands, each with 2 songs. The whole issue was very appealing, but some names stood out, for example: Radnicka Kontrola, Via Talas, TV Moroni, Petar i Zli Vuci... Today, the LP is not easily obtainable and is considered a rarity. 

I first came across the band when I was nothing more than a teenager. What first caught my attention was the unusual name of the band, there was something terrifying and dangerously fun. It was exactly what I wanted. D.E. played clean honest punk, with fresh and truly inspiring texts that have a very clear message. With a very interesting approach to music with the persistent bass and indulging, tinkling guitar acted not only in contrast to each other but also very confidently. The band were very compelling and the music forced you to sit down and listen. 

Although the entire LP was very good Defective Effective were a perfect hit! Who knows how many times after I listened to this that these refrains repeated in my head while walking the streets of my city returning home late at night (“Ti Izdrzi udarac! Ti izdrzi udarac! .... aaaaaa”). 

The boring part of the story is that exept for these two studio recordings, there are no other records of this awesome band. I can it even imagine how amazing a real album by them would've been.

690 pressed (340 black/250 red/ 100 clear) in gatefold sleeve, printed inner-sleeve and 4-side insert.  Both songs are remastered! 

This release would not be possible whitout the great coperation with Loka, singer and guitarist from D.E. Many thanks!!


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