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GOLA JAJA - 1981-82 LP + CD (NE013)

The second LP with Gola Jaja makes me really happy! Although I listened more on studio material recorded in 1984, there was always some drawing power in their first two demos. The sound here is slightly worse, quite unpolished raw and straight teenager 77 punk and the lyrics are sometimes just a few lines. All of this makes it became only more charming. Now when I hear it from vinyl, it actually sounds much better and more even more compelling. The record is just as every other NE! release, packed in a color gate-fold cover with a little band history and an inner sleeve with all the lyrics in both English and Croatian. 800 pressed (400 black/200 red/200 yellow). 500 copies including a CD copy. All songs are remastered!

“We have successfully collected all the material (thanks to Sale Veruda who digitized it and kept for many years in their archives) recorded in 1984 and which was later processed and adapted for the LP release, Sale has "dug" in his large audio archives and found demos from '81 and '82. Because this material was in pretty poor quality, which is understandable because of the time that has passed since the songs were recorded and the lack of better technology used at the time the recording took place (and because we were too young and were not particularly musically talented) we were unsure whether we should publish this material. But at the urging of the publisher NE! Records from Sweden we agreed that the material should be published due fact that some songs that really defined "Gola Jaja" as a band and songs that became (not to be modest) legendary. The songs were a part of growing up for some of our generation. In addition to the people scattered throughout the world who would love to have them in their collection. So we chose an audio-visual documentary release that would show band even through the early years (like a collage with our photos and band history).

Edition also includes commitment to Denis Barlijan our friend who was the lead singer, lyric writer and composer; band's "heart and soul" who left us too early and that we are indebted to his songs and his dreams preserved and transmitted to the next generation of the new ..... rebel  R.I.P.” 

OOUR “Gola Jaja”


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