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INDUST- BAG – Zavr�ena Mladost (Rejected Youth) LP + CD (NE016)


INDUST-BAG is a band from Metlika, a small community on the edge of Slovenia. As early as after their first gig in Ljubljana INDUST-BAG attracted a lot of attention with their interesting sound. It resulted in being able to record their first demo very early on and they had a very strong performance at Novi rock, the biggest musical festival in Slovenia, in 1981. They contributed with four songs to VA “Lepo je…” LP with other new (second generation) Slovenian punk bands, that was pretty much all they had time to do before they all, one by one, had to join the military. 


They continued to play, in fact they are still active today, although the band’s first years were never taken care of, nothing of the bands material (except for “Lepo je…”) was ever released. It’s a shame that some of the band’s earliest songs never made it to a studio, and was lost to us. Yet, on this release we have managed to gather some of the band’s gems that they were able to save. On this LP you will, among other things, find the unreleased first demo, consisting out of three songs as well as one song that was supposed to be on “Lepo je…” and the band powerful live performance from ’81 and ’82 in very good condition. 


NE! records wants to thanks Goran and the others in this band for a formidable collaboration (and friendship!) making this release way more extensive than I could’ve wished to hope for. Not only do we have all the lyrics in English and Slovenian, we also have lots interesting stuff to read about the bands history. 


Lots of gratitude to Igor Vidmar for his support and, not to forget, his authentic text about the band! 100 dB forever! :) This release look like all other NE! LP's: gatefold sleeve and printed inner sleeve + 2 printed insert. 800 copies of LP (300 black/ 200 red / 200 blue/ 100 clear). 500 come with a CD.


All songs are remastered! Awesome sound - the guys from aBox studio have done it again!


I still clearly recall the first encounter with Indust-bag live in 1980 that Goran mentions, including the urge to talk to them then and there: they were musically the strongest new punk band I've seen since Paraf a year earlier, playing more tightly than other  bands (Pankrti the pioneers included) - and they were the youngest! Indust-bag were truly one of the frontmen of the first generation of post-Pankrtian Slovenian/Yugoslav punk, and with Kuzle and Šund from the quicksilver mining town of Idrija the strongest symbols of punk's omnipresence and universal inspirative power-and attractiveness for audiences, as they all proved in front of an over-capacity 5000-strong crowd of the first Novi Rock fest in the  Ljubljana Monastery Kri�anke Auditorium in 1981. The rest is punk/alternative history (as the mainstrem writers don't say). I-bag (hey, a cool spoof of the I-tech craze or what?)  have been its protagonists all through the 80ties , in spite of the Army harassment of  band members (I'm sure just as intentional in most cases as the police one). Beacause of them Metlika, the border town with old warrior »Vojna krajina« roots was one of the centres of Slovenian punk/alternative scene and a great partying place for us. (Ok, there were also some very nice and-to this day-very creative girls too, not to mention the wine).


But it was the powerful but precisely played and multi-layered music, strong lyrics, the whole »Dionisian« energy and generous spirit that Goran still exudes that were at the centre, and are the lasting legacy…oh bollocks, to hell with pomp and solemnity, this is not an obituary, it's a celebration of Indus-tbag's lasting value, staying power and their live »third coming«, as well as of NE-record's brave decision to release this »gesamtkunstwerk«.


Indeed- Goran, Andrej, Boris, all the past members and Izidor- all the best for 35, and  long live Industbag!


Igor Vidmar (october 2013)


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