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Solunski Front started out in 1980 and with bands like ”Defektno Efektni”, ”Radnicka Kontrola”, “TV Moroni” and “Krvna Zrnca”... they became part of the punk scene in Belgrad. They listened to Ramones and British punk, and viewed themselves as a band who played pure punk. Although later on they, together with bands like “Herpes Distress” (later known only as “Distress”) and Nechrophilia, became the core of the HC scene in Belgrad. Their first songs where short and the music was quick and melodic. In 1983 they recorded their earliest songs in their rehearsal space with simple technology. 

They’ve been featured on several V/A cassette tapes and the most interesting of those are the ones released with “No Profit Tapes” (Buka i urlik, Izgubljena alternativa, Došao je kraj, Jedino bubašvabe pre�ivljavaju Černobil).

Solunski Front often played in Beograd but also in Ljubljana and Zagreb. They’ve played concerts alongside bands Youth Brigade on their gig Beograd and B.G.K from the Neatherlands in Novi Sad.

The first real 6 songs’ demo were recorded  in Ljubljana , in the studio Borut Činc in 1985. The song “Ratnom drugu u  čast” was played many times on the demo top list on radio and was released on the LP “Ventilator 202 Top 10 vol.3” in 1985. Four of the songs ended up on their EP “Mali Svet” (No Time For The Wasted, 1996).

The band split up in 1985 when it was time for their military duty.

Here is a collection of all of the bands studio tracks as well as some live tracks.

All the songs are remastered and the result is amazing!

Solunsk Front has never sounded this good! 

310 pressed (110 black / 100 red and 100 clear) + CD in gatefold sleeve + printed inner sleeve and 16-page booklet "Mali svet" (Little World) in poster format included interviews, lyrics in Serbian / English, tons of pictures and a lot more interesting.

The same songs are on LTD picture disc with different artwork. Only 220 copies available.


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