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DISTRESS - PUT U RAJ 12”  (DIRTY.020 / GSL#23 / NE020)  

Finally, on the independent market emerged a single with recordings that have shifted musical postures of many Yugoslavian HC bands. Distress are Herpes Distress (New Belgrade), a band that made its first appearance on a compilation tape “Buka I Urlik”, released by No Profit Tapes (together with Solunski Front and Necrophilia) in 1983 and after on several other compilations: ''Izgubljena Alternativa'', ''Došao Je Kraj'' and ''Jedino Bubašvabe Pre�ivljavaju Černobil'' (all releases for No Profit Tapes). They are one of the first hardcore punk names of Belgrade scene, alongside Arhivska Zabava (first anarcho punk set like Crass, Rudimentary Peni, Flux Of Pink Indians), Necrophilia (GBH, One Way System), Bojeve Glave (Exploited, HC style with female vocals!), Glas Jugoslavije (raw political punk). Distress are, without a doubt, pioneers of speedcore musical style which started to dominate from the moment it emerged, in the period when HC bands around the world started to “play with” their guitars, randomly inserting metal riffs, not because of commerciality or raising sales rates, but because of expanding narrow musical senses that were based on 2-3 Ramones style accords. Distress are the first hardcore punk band that were allowed to record studio material in Belgrade, “taboo” town in which contemporary so called “producers” supported the national record companies/media 100% where punk rock bands were practically banned (even more mellow ones!). Distress were, among other bands from Belgrade and New Sad, a deserving obverse to pompous ''new wave-pop'', nationally and institutionally aided, names like Pekinška Patka, Orgazam, Idoli, that made the ''Underground scene'' which was more progressive than slimy scribbling of D�uboks, Zabavnik and Politika Ekspres. Distress were musically influenced by early Finnish bands Rattus, Bastards, Kaaos, Cadgers, Laama. In 1984 in Ljubljana they were supporting band for Rattus. They shared a stage with 2 minuta mr�nje, UBR and Arhivska Zabava in Nobos (New Belgrade, local community, Block 28). Among the first concerts, the ones that stand out are Skadarlijska Pivara (1983), together with Bombarderi (duet, distorted bass guitar and drums, today called Supernaut). On the single ''Put U Raj'' there are 4 studio tracks (''Izdaja Ljudskih Prava'', ''Sutra'', ''Rat'' and ''Put U Raj'') which were recorded in Srđan Marijanović’s studio in 1984.


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