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Few had expected that from 2 to 3 musical experiments  from 1980 and ‘81. ("Glass Jugoslavije", "Civili" and "Bojeve Glave") would lead to the formation of Necrophilia!  The group was formed in 1982. The line-up was: Pi Pi bass, Miša – drums, Z. Misterius guitar + vocal and backing vocal was Deki (who was later replaced by Gvido and in the last phase of Risto Topalovski). It was literally one of the first hardcore punk bands, at a time when HC punk in the world was at the height of the musical, ideological, status-like or how you want to interpret it. 

"Our style is based on the recipe quickly - noisy and engaged with the ultra-fast distorted guitars and lyrics based on the anti-war and social issues" - in an interview explains Misterius. If the band wrote in the circles of independent media (fanzines), but the attention was sharply after the band appeared on V/A "Buka in Urlik," a cassette compilation with ''Herpes Distress'' and ''Solunski front'' (No profit Tapes # 001). 

Rehearsals were a problem and the band managed what they could and everything was possible: rooms, garages, makeshift studios, concert stage, all options were in play as unplug rehearsal in the train to Ljubljana. Appearances were frequent: in the hall "Pionir",  the brewery "Skadarlija" (with "Solunski front" and ''Pogrebni zavod"), the XIII BG's gymnasium (with "Van kontrole" from Novi Sad , -pre 2 Minute mrznje, "Posle Procesa" and "Solunski front") in Ljubljana at hardcore party at Disco FV-up (with "Solunski front"), where they documented in their first video and interview with Igor Vidmar from "Radio Student". About this group was often in fanzines from all over Yugoslavia ("Katastrof," from Belgrad, "Povratak otpisanih" from Ljubljana, "Izazov" from Istria, "Zasto bas mi" from Subotica ...). In the middle of 1984 some of the band members went to the obligatory military service, and the group disbanded.

LTD 360 copies (115 black, 85 clear vinyl and 160 picture disc) in gate-fold sleeve, printed innersleeve and exclusive 24-page booklet "Choose the struggle or die in apathy". Only 100 copies of these included CD.

All songs are remastered!


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