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QUOD MASSACRE - V zmajevem gnezdu (Enter the Dragon) LP+CD (NE031)

This album included 20 songs (+ 4 bonus songs) from bands early phase. Many of these songs were unknown until now. Angry, sympathetic and totaly energetic. This is Quod Massacre like you've never heard before!


I heard Quod Massacre first time on the V/A "Breaking the silence" 7'' EP compilation.  And right  from the start, I was trapped in the exciting world the band created in their song "Quod Massacre" with their strong  and nervous melody - and of course, it was a bit scary talking about band from the other side of the Iron Curtain. The EP was released in 1987 and I was a punk rocker from a small town in Sweden who preferred European punk, like Wretched, Disper -Azione, Terveet Kädet, Slam, Kafka Process and HHH. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I fell for the edgy sound built on strong melodies and chaotic guitars, and I fell for Quod Massacre’s amazing vocals. You couldn’t  label them; in my opinion in 1987 they were very distinctive, something that the guitarist Rile was very happy about when I interviewed them in the same year for my fanzine ‘’ Profit Blaskan’’.  "We simply can't label  our music. We play whatever we feel like playing, " he said in the article.

I have never stopped listening to Quod Massacre. How could I do that? And it's not about some obsolete nostalgia. In my opinion they are still relevant.  I have referenced Quod Massacre when writing articles about European punk  rock as one of those bands that  actually made an impact-along with other giants from the former republic of Yugoslavia such as Kuzle, Pankrti, Paraf, Pekinška Patka…     (from Mikael Sörling's text about Quod Massacre)


QUOD MASSACRE (Ljubljana, Slovenia, former Yugoslavia). The story of Quod Massacre begins somewhere in 1983, when a group of teenagers, who previously played in other bands, decided to form a new band. In love with music, led by the youthful excitement they wanted to create their own music and say something new. Difficulties in finding a rehearsal studio was finally over when they got a room in the basement of the club FV, where they immediately began feverishly rehearsing. Already in June 1983 in the studio Borut Činč they recorded their first demo. They had many songs, but only enough money to record 4 songs... (more about the Quod Massacre you can read from 24-page booklet that comes with this relese).


The songs on the live album "In Enter the Dragon" was created in the first phase of the band, during the years 1983-1984, when the QM was very productive. But this phase is the least documented and that only a few know anything about. QM often play in Ljubljana and outside Slovenia. Those who had the opportunity to attend their concerts confirm that these shows were wild and energetic. Many of the songs from this period they played live often, but far from all. Just a few tracks from this LP, were later recorded in a studio. It makes the tracks on this album even more exclusive.

It is very lucky, and overwhelmingly joyful that the two concerts from 1984 was preserved in such excellent quality.They exemplify the intensity, spontaneity and energy that QM radiated. It is also a confirmation of the fact that QM actually were much more productive than what the studio recordings show, and thus is provides a more varied picture of the beloved band. Now also available on vinyl format!    (more about the Quod Massacre you can read from 24-page booklet that comes with this relese)

335 pressed (230 black / 105 red/black splatter) in gate-fold sleeve, printed inner-sleeve and very exclusive 24-page booklet with lines about the band, interviews, lyrics, lot of pictures and more...) 100 of these included CD





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