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NE! Records in cooperation with ŠKUC Ropot has finally made it possible. After many months of delays, you can get the two best compilation album with ex-Yu punk from the period of  1978-82. On "Novi punk val" you will find the bands that created punk in ex-Yu, and on the LP "Lepo je .." punk band from Slovenia who came after the first punk wave. 

These two compilations are made as a double album with an original design adapted to gate-fold sleeve. In addition to the audio content as usual there is much else to see and read included in the release: this release is enriched by 68 pages, divided into 3 very exclusive and extensive booklets. In the largest 48-page booklet "Tovar'ši jest vam ne verjamem '78 -'82" (''Comrades, I do not believe you '78 -'82''), you can find interviews, lyrics, lots of pictures,  and much much more …. Two smaller booklet that complements the rest of the material and together they form the complete picture of those years.

Along with this release you also get a copy of the LTD 4-songs EP ''Novo vrijeme'' ("New time") by the band Buldo´┐Żer made in 300 copies. The EP is included to give some musical and cultural backround to the ex-Yu punk scene, as Buldo´┐Żer where not a ''traditional'' punk band but served as an important source of inspirations to punk bands of the time.  You can find everything here: the beginning and the end of a short and wonderful musical period!

380 copies made (270 black  and 110 red ) but only 250 available, so hurry up to get a copy! All tracks are remastered.

Great thanks for all involved.
Special thanks to Buldo´┐Żer (and the "Novo dupe naše grupe":)
Thanks for more than 40 years of sweat, fun, laughter and rock'n'roll!


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