• Buldo´┐Żer

: nothing at of


Buldo´┐Żer is the most influential Slovenian band from the mid 70's who have a special place within the history of ex-Yu rock.

They were the first band to bring something fun and playful to the otherwise indifferent ex-Yu scene. It later proves to be very successful and, above all, very noble. Buldo´┐Żer were alone with their humorous-avant-garde approach to music and got a lot of media attention it did not result in the band becoming commercialised, though they were not without success. Despite their success Buldo´┐Żer always managed to keep the avant-garde element which made them special.

Buldo´┐Żer's debut album "Spit the truth in the eye" was very important for the punk scene in ex-Yu succeeding to shake the RNR standards and caused long lasting effects on the scene. This puts them on an innovative pedestal only a few deserve a spot on. Buldo´┐Żer are often seen as the predecessors of ex-Yu punk and new wave. It is not surprising that other bands refer to them as their role models and a important band, as they were the only link in ex-Yu to punk and the freedom and authenticity it represents. Buldozer were often seen with these new bands, making fun with them.

What is especially appealing about this band is that they are not only brilliant musicians, but also wonderful people who will make you laugh and make sure that you keep your feet firmly on the ground. They are the most consequential RNR band that repeatedly give us something extra. Their discography offers some of the best ex-Yu rock music but their lack of elitism and plenitude of self-awareness is expressed by the band themselves in this ironic statement: Fuck Buldo´┐Żer!  

Thanks for more than 40 years of sweat, fun, laughter and rock'n'roll!


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