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This is punk behind the iron curtain and an old jewel: �enevski Dekret (Geneve Decree) started back in 1983 in Mostar (ex-Yugoslavia and now Bosnia and Herzegovina). Back in the day things were hard despite the fact Yugoslavia was "something better that the other countries of existing socialism" in matters of freedom of speech so their first demo Mostar came out three years later in 1986 and was followed by Dont wanna be a part of fucking mass (that translates Neću da budem dio jebene mase) in 1988. 
For more details about the old days, some tunes,the reunion in 1996 and later recordings check their myshit and if you speak their native language take a look at their blog. Neću da budem.. 7" is a three track ep released in 2007 by Ne! Records and Mama Records (what a name!) and delivers three tracks taken from the studio Vogue session of '88 for Dont wanna be a part.. recording. 
The ep came out in 500 copies in 2007. A pocket sized booklet written by Habbi member of band, with the history and lyrics is included and music wise this is rough, angry and primitive hardcore much more brutal than their first demo which has melodic moments.

Recorded at "Vogue" studio, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, 1988. 
Comes with a booklet containing the lyrics and comprehensive band history written by one of original members.





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